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JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie

JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie

Product description:
  JL-10T Introduction

JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie adopts an industrial grade design, providing remote data collection, transmission, and maintenance functions for industrial products such as controllers, collectors, industry data terminals, PLCs, and HMIs with serial ports. 


JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie is embedded with an industrial grade 4G LTE communication module. It has built-in design with small size and has flexible interface, it can be flexibly integrated with user devices, such as meters, collection devices, controllers, gauges, sensors, frequency converter, HMI, PLC. Industrial Networking Genie can facilitate customers to upgrade devices and reform projects with IoT technology, and connect devices to cloud platform quickly, so as to implement product and application upgrade under IoT era.


JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie adopts double-line 20pin interface, and has two TTL serial interfaces. It can connect extended power supply, LED indication lights, SIM card pedestal and TTL serial interfaces to customer’s own switchboard, and facilitate installation, test and integrative packaging.


It has a Micro USB port to upgrade firmware, configure parameters and check debug log.


JL-10T supports connecting to at most three data centers at the same time. It supports connecting to mServer and transparent TCP/UDP server. It also has built in NTRIP protocol as a communication device for high-precision positioning transmission, and connects to NTRIP Caster to achieve high-precision positioning function.


JL-10T has built-in MODBUS RTU communication protocol and can communicate with industrial cloud platforms through standard MQTT protocol.  


There are three sub-models with different protocols support.


Protocols and platform support

JL-10T Plus

Connecting to mServer and third-party transparent server


Connecting to NTRIP caster, mServer and third-party transparent server


Connecting to cloud platform and mServer, supports MODBUS  RTU protocol


Relying on ETUNG's E-Cloud Device Management Cloud Platform, JL-10T Industrial Networking Genie automatically obtains cloud device management capabilities, including device online and offline records, current online status, remote configuration, remote upgrade, remote debugging, etc.

 Product Outlook

Figure 1: JL-10T Outlook -1



Figure 2: JL-10T Outlook -2