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PLC-507 4G/WIFI Industrial IOT Gateway

PLC-507 4G/WIFI Industrial IOT Gateway

Product description:


PLC-507  Brief Introduction

PLC-507 is an industrially designed product, it provides program download and data acquisition functionalities for PLCs that have RJ-45 Ethernet interface, or RS232/RS485 serial interfaces. It supports PLCs from Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Panasonic, Delta, Fatek, etc. PLC-507 connects with 4G network, and with PLC programming tools or SCADA software to implement remote program download and data acquisition.


PLC-507 has extended data interfaces with four LANs, one WAN, one RS232 and one RS485 interface. Ethernet interfaces and serial interfaces can be used at the same time. Multiple data interfaces greatly facilitate devices’ network access at customers’ spot.


PLC-507 not only supports 4G networks from China’s three mobile operators, but also supports WAN or WIFI network: in case cable network is available, WAN port can be used to access cable network; and in case WIFI is available, PLC-507 can be configured to access internet via WIFI. 4G, WAN and WIFI are all supported by PLC-507, this greatly facilitates customer’s project deployment that customers do not have to choose different devices from different suppliers because of different network access at the spot. This can not only save procurement cost, but also reduce maintenance effort for the projects.


PLC-507 has WIFI functionality as well, and supports 802.11b/g/n protocol. In theory the highest speed can be 150Mbps. Mobile phones, PCs or other devices that have WIFI functionality can bind PLC-507’s WIFI access point and share Internet access via PLC-507. This greatly extends the number of devices that can connect with PLC-507 at the same time.


PLC-507 is easy to use, and is plug-n-play without any configuration. Together with eTung’s eYun platform and Virhub/Vircom software, it can be easy to integrate with PLC programming software, and there is no extra integration effort. PLC-507 is stable and easy-to-use, thus greatly facilitates project deployment.


  Product Outlook

PLC-507 dimension

  Technical Parameters
Basic Parameters

Power Supply: +12 ~ +48V wide range of voltage input
Power Connector: terminal


TDD-LTE B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
WIFI IEEE 802.11n/g/b: 2.4G/5GHz

Data Interface: one RS232 and one RS485, with terminal interfaces; one RJ45 WAN and four RJ45 LAN interfaces
Working current: 350 mA@+12V DC
Standby current: 200 mA@+12V DC 
Temperature: -30ºC ~ +80ºC
Humidity: 95%@+40ºC
Dimension: 106*46*142mm (excluding antenna and back panel)


Basic Functions

Support NAT
Support DHCP server
Support DNS Proxy
Support port forwarding
Support DMZ host(IP address mapping)
Support configuring static route table
Support real-time speed display of wireless network
Support configuring with serial port, telnet and web interface
Support DTU function, Ethernet and serial interfaces can be used at the same time
Support virhub function
Support agent client

  Typical Usecases

Implement PLC remote monitoring and program update via PLC-507’s serial functionality