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PLC-505 PLC Router

PLC-505 is an industrially designed product, and is especially used with PLCs. PLC-505 provides program download and data acquisition functionalities for PLCs that have RJ-45 Ethernet interface

MD-620 GPS 4G Wireless Data Terminal

MD-620 is a 4G DTU produced by eTung, with positioning functionality and industry level. It integrates industrial BDS/GPS dual-module positioning module and 4G module.

MD-309 GPRS Wireless Data Terminal

MD-309G is an industrial grade, field proved smart GPRS data terminal with embedded TCP/IP protocols for M2M applications. It offers standard RS232 or RS485 interface for system integrators and OEMs.

MD-109T 4G Wireless Data Terminal

The MD-109T is a compact 4G DTU product that uses a shellless design. The MD-109T fully supports China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom's 2G/3G/4G networks (seven-mode). MD-109T is small in siz

MR-900T 4G Wireless Router

The MR-900T is a very cost-effective industrial 4G router. The device comes with an RJ-45 network port and supports full Netcom 4G network (7 mode). The MR-900T is an upgraded version of the Sui-Tang

LED-928 4G LED Combo Terminal

LED-928 is a creative 4G/WAN LED combo terminal for LED information deployment. Compared with LED-328/LED-528, LED-928 can control wider range of LED screen; with dual-color LED screen, the control

ER-600 Industrial 4G Router

ER-600 industrial grade wireless router, built-in industrial full Netcom 4G wireless communication module, with dual LAN ports and a WAN port, power input in terminal form, and with RS-232/RS485 seria

ER-701T Industrial 4G Router

ER-701T high-speed 4G/WAN router works in LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD network, and has high-speed Internet access, high-speed video, and data transmission capabilities. The ER-701T can use wired or WIFI network a
ETUNG industrial PLC router (PLC-501) was come to the market
ETUNG RTK products are widely used in precision agriculture production
Exhibition Preview: ETUNG technology invite you to visit us at GITEX 2018 in Dubai
ETUNG technology invite you to visit us at GITEX 2018 in Dubai
ETUNG is going to attend the "communicAsia2018" exhibition in Singapore
Beijing, China—Apr. 18, 2018—The " communicAsia2018" telecom exhibition will be held in Singapore from June26-28th.