About us

Etung Technology Co., LTD.


ETUNG, based in Beijing China, is a leading technology and solution provider on M2M applications.

With years of wireless expertise and advanced M2M labs, ETUNG has designed and developed many cutting edge wireless products and made its partner and customers very successfully with its reliable and cost effective wireless solutions.

To meet the complex and varied M2M market, ETUNG offers its customers with the most comprehensive range of products, from GPRS/CDMA terminals, 3G routers, wireless LED, AMR to M2M platform, from embedded Linux to Web based application software, from low power wireless sensor network (WSN) to solar powered sensors, from cost-saving options to the most reliable solutions. ETUNG's mission is to help the customers, including OEMs, system integrators, service providers and end users, to implement M2M applications and benefits from the latest wireless technology as quickly and as simple as possible.

ETUNG understands that integration support is one of the most important issues in M2M projects. Professional support and services are available from ETUNG and its valued partners to ensure on time and on budget results.

Vision:Machine-to-machine communication will be the key application for both Mobile 
Internet and Next Generation Internet

Mission:To be a leading provider of M2M technology and solutions by offering our 
customers a rich set of easy-to-implement, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-manage wireless 
products and solutions, including Plug & Play terminals, On Demand customized solutions, 
cost-saving options and the most reliable solution.

Team:We are a young and dedicated team on wireless technology and applications. 
We value faithfulness, responsibility, professionalism and innovation.

Tel: +86-10-58714892
Mobile: +86-13511060535