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Product description:

  NB2000 is a NB-IoT temperature measurement terminal developed by Suitang. It has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor and NB-IoT communication module. The NB-IoT communication network uploads the temperature and humidity data measured by the sensor to the server. The user can query the reported temperature and humidity data through WeChat or access mServer.

  The NB2000 uses a low-power design and is in sleep mode when no data is required to be uploaded. In the case where the data reporting interval is one hour, the NB2000 uses three No. 5 Nanfu batteries to provide power for one year. For applications such as heating thermometry, battery power fully meets application requirements.

  The NB2000 supports the connection of mServer. The multiple access modes provided by the mServer can be used on the host computer side for flexible integration and custom development. In addition, Sui and Tang provide WeChat applets, which can be used to read data such as temperature at any time through mobile phone WeChat scan. This is very convenient.

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Power Supply: 3 AA batteries

Support Network: NB-IoT Network

Size: 100*80*30mm

NB-IOTThe internet    Battery powered     Wechat View    Easy to install